Thursday, 19 January 2012

Business trip

At the end of last year Wavey took a brand new job, same company, same grade, but on a new project that would mean more challenges, more exciting times, and more travelling. Little did we realise that the travelling was going to be quite so extensive. It started with a 2 night trip to Paris...then it was 3 nights...then it's a whole week away in Paris, followed by a training course for a week in London, followed by yet another week in Paris, including being away for my birthday next week! All that is pretty sucky and we do not likey very much at all.

What we do likey on the other hand is me being able to find reasonably priced train tickets down to London town and coming to join him for a few days, yay! I arrived in London town on Tuesday evening and have been flitting here there and everywhere, visiting friends, going to interesting places I've never been before in London, but most importantly enjoying precious evening time with my special man. 

We're staying in a swanky 4* hotel at Heathrow airport which is a pretty strange place to be. It's full of people dragging very large suitcases around and trekking from one place to the next looking thoroughly fed up. And who can blame them - London travel is, to be frank, bat shit crazy. Yesterday I went to Richmond for the day. On the map it's probably about 4 miles away. In reality that meant 4 changes and about 1.5 hours of travelling! Totally bonkers! Nowhere else in England would peeps consider it normal to travel somewhere for 1.5 hours, just to see a place or person for a few hours before getting back on board for another 1.5 hours. I feel like I've been in constant motion since I arrived on Tuesday. But it's been fabby to see my friends, hang out with the babies and the little folk, go to places I've never been and see areas of London I've never seen. There are photos a-plenty! 

But this business trip malarkey - it's not for me. Staying in hotels is all very nice when you're on holiday or doing something special but sat in the dining room last night looking around at all the other business folk, they all looked thoroughly miserable, and a bit sick of eating so many business dinners; some of them even had their laptop at the dinner table for company. I know Wavey doesn't like it much at all so it's been brillo for him to have me here to keep him company. 

Next week will be tough, it's a full week, it's my birthday, and it's not payday til Thursday. If I was a pouter now would be a full on sulk-fest. Lucky for all I'm not like that at all, but I know I'll be counting down the days until Friday when Wavey walks back through our front door- it won't be able to come round fast enough! 

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Librarian Girl said...

Catching up on bloggy reading and just have to say I relate to the travelling partner bisnazz. Having your dude away so much sucks, but the times you get to tag along are awesome! Soak up those fancy hotels!