Thursday, 26 January 2012


Excitement for today: who knew that there were two, yes two, different lorries for the recycling! Life just doesn't get better than that...

...OMG this virus is trying to kill me with boredom! Still snotty. Still achey. Still weird swollen glands. What is up with that?! Oh and I still look like death warmed up, oh happy joy. 

I tried eating half a box of orange Matchmakers last night to send the virus away. It didn't really work, but I appreciated everyone suggesting that the orange would count as vitamin C :D Perhaps I should try the other half today just to double check. 

I'm going to go out for a walk today (wrap up warm, warns my ma) to try to make myself look more alive. I need some more tissues and I need some fresh air and I need to get out of this house!! And I need to go to my old house this evening as I have another agent coming round for a valuation. A person! To speak to. Wow! 

Begone evil virus begone. I cannot be doing with this stuck inside life.

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