Saturday, 28 January 2012


Finally starting to feel human again, despite prolific nose blowing and cough-cough-coughing (that goes for both of us as Wavey now has a cough too). To celebrate we went to the Thai shop to get us some yummy ingredients for making yummy thai, bit of lunch, Wavey went to the footy, I met my ma for a coffee with some charidee shopping on the way (2 shirts, bonus!) before coming back to some weekend kitchen antics. 

As we are finally celebrating our birthdays tonight I'm making us up a birthday pudding of bannoffee pie, yummo! Then I made a fruit and nut bar - always on the hunt for alternatives to shop bought cereal bars. They're so expensive and usually not that tasty. Finally I did my usual of throwing some ingredients in a pan to make soup, today's offering is shallots, garlic, grated ginger, carrots, butternut squash, and I've just chucked in a bit of grated apple too. Not sure what the end result will taste like but it smells good! 

It feels good to be feeling human again. This cold/virus thing was utterly pants. Being suck totally sucks. Boo to germs, BOO!

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