Sunday, 22 January 2012

A gal with a plan

Cast your minds back long long ago to when I first moved in with Wavey, and how we were getting my house ready to be rented out and I was going to be a landlady. Well I did that. And I didn't really like it that much. Turns out that the agents I was with were, to put it politely, a bunch of robbing gits who tried to take me a for a total ride. I know all this as they've now been taken over by a much nicer bunch of folk who couldn't be more helpful, but all that's by the by as we have a new plan. And this plan is to put my house up for sale. 

After the rental there was a little bit of work to do which we've started but not completed. If there were 48 hours in every day we would have a serious chance of accomplishing some of the things on our to-do lists, but there aren't and so things are not quite finished. But today I woke up with this determined head on me and thought why are we waiting? Half the trouble is that we watch all these house programmes and so we are pretty savvy at knowing what will sell and what won't and what the deal breakers might be to interested buyers. But at the moment the work we're doing is totally cosmetic and I reckon that people valuing the house can see past that to give me an idea of what it's worth. 

The gal with the plan has sprung into action. I've emailed 2 estate agents, one of them has already got back to me at 6pm on a Sunday to tell me that one of his team will call me in the morning - now that's service! Get them round, see what they say. If I'm not satisfied I have one online option that I'm looking into and then make a decision from there. It feels so good to actually take some action. It's too easy to let stuff like this slide and then months later I'll find that I'm wasting most of my money on the upkeep of an empty house. In these times a gal has to be sensible. I am a gal with a plan - my pops will be so proud, he loves a good plan he does.

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