Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Big shout out to the Pops in the room!

My pops is totally ace! Not only did he do a really fantastic job of bringing me up, challenging me every step of the way, and encouraging discussion and open minded opinions. He also did the really important pops stuff like teaching me to ride a bike, read a map, and drive a car. Oh and speaking of cars, did you know that I've got my own now? 

What's that? You didn't get the facebook message that went to the world of friends, or hear the giant WHOOOOOP that was yelled out loud when I got confirmation of the purchase, and you missed the dance of joy? Sheesh. Well yep, after being on this planet for 37 years this year (eep!) and driving for 20 of those years, I have finally got me my own car. He's red. And he's called Zippy, because he is, very zippy indeedy. 

Unfortunately Zippy wasn't so Zippy yesterday. In fact, he was feeling a bit under the weather. I turned the key and this pathetic little uh-huh cough came out and that was it. Noooooooo! I knew it, pride always go-eth before a fall. I was so busy crowing and whooping it up how great it was to have a car and that I didn't have to get the stinky bus anymore then there I was, 8am on a Monday morning, back on the freakin' bus again. I almost cried I was so upset (note to self: wuss)

And so I rang my pops. Because not only is he my pops, he's also my personal mechanic and car purchaser chief dude. Many kind words later he told me that it was probably the battery and he'd do his best to get his hands on one and come round and fix it that very evening. "I'll have you mobile again by tomorrow, don't worry". You see those magic words? Don't worry. This is why pops are so bloomin' ace. Because I was totally worried. I was worried that I'd broken Zippy even though I'd only had him 5 minutes and I was worried my pops was going to shout at me for breaking him. But he didn't. Not one little bit. 

Fast rewind to 7pm yesterday, it's pitch black outside and Zippy is parked on a very busy main road where we live. My pops pitches up his car in front, gets his torch out and starts changing the battery in the dark, cold night. About 30 minutes later it's all done and revving hell out of Zippy he sets off to give him a test drive. Returned and locked up safely I get the talk about seeing how the car is tomorrow and only drive it if it feels safe and if this light comes on and that light comes on...you know the drill, I'm pretty certain you've all been there. 

Fast forward to this morning and Zippy starts up first time and gets me to work and back. In the warm and the dry. And free of skanky stinky people. And this my friends is why I'm doing a big shout out to pops, not just mine but to all who have fabby pops, cos they truly are the bestest ever! 

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