Monday, 30 January 2012

Hear that roar...?

Did you hear it? I'll bet it was audible all the way to the other side of the world. That would be my very HUNGRY stomach telling me that it wants yet more food. Today was first day back at work day after being off ill. First of all it was pretty yay as I had a desk full of cards and presents and totally delicious French macarons to enjoy from the very lovely and talented T. As the day wore on and I started to get tired and a wee bit flagging, I got more and more hungry. It's like there's some giant hungry monster resting inside my stomach that is shouting FEED ME! FEED ME NOW! *munches English buttered muffin rapidly*

I'm sat waiting for Wavey to return from work. In England! For one whole week! Shocker! Typically I suspect he is stuck in traffic. But I wish he'd hurry home so that we can have real food, not just quickie English muffin snacks, snarf! 

Best thing about today? Totally being back with my girlies and making plans for yummy food treats (catching the theme here?) in the next couple of weeks. Worst thing about being back? Freezing! Totally. Bear in mind I've been a pampered pooch for the past week and have been snuggled under my duvet keeping warm and watching quality daytime TV. After just one week I'd had some kind of mental block and forgot how cold it gets in libraryland and was woefully under prepared in my thin shirt and vest top, but it matches my new shiny sparkles so what can I say? A gal has to suffer for her fashion. 

English muffin now totally consumed and am still ravenous! Come on Wavey boy, this hungry gal needs her food! 

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