Sunday, 20 March 2011

Silly nights and sunny days

Readers! Welcome, I hope you've all had grand weekends. Speaking personally I can say mine has been absolutely super! Well except for one blip with the volunteer thing but I don't want to dwell on that. Suffice to say that after a rotten afternoon I've decided that it's not the best way for me to build my CV and will be taking that time back and using it in different productive ways. Moving swiftly onwards.

Friday night saw me heading over to see D. What with me working full time, and D working full time it's hard to make time to meet up. But we persisted and finally found a date that was good for us both. We enjoyed yummy homemade carrot and coriander soup and then we switched on the X-box Kinect. And for the next few hours we basically laughed our asses off. If we weren't dancing to the Gaga (freestyle!) we were belting our lungs out with cheesy 80s power ballads (perfect pitch!) or ducking and diving our way down water rapids from side to side and fixing leaks with our hands and feet. As I posted recently I've only just discovered the joy of computer games but it's just so much fun! And so amazing - it truly is like magic! When the guy shouts freestyle and you hit the dancefloor wiggling your booty (me) or flashing your bra to the living room (D!) and then it plays it back to you...everytime, bending over double laughing was the only response. It was such a brilliant night. And it's hard to beat laughing and giggling like schoolgirls and having a brilliant night with your oldest friend.

Saturday was a gloriously sunny day. I went and had my hair done in the morning and my hairdresser put an all over dye on it this time too and it truly looks fabulous. It's so bright and gorgeous. I'd post a pic but I don't have one, how extremely remiss of me! Then I had the rotten afternoon which made me feel really rubbish. But luckily Wavey and I had made fun plans for the evening so the day wasn't a total loss.

Saturday night was date night! And we decided to go bowling. Bowling with booze is always best, somehow I bowl better with a pint of lager than I do if I just drink lemonade, hmmmmm. Wavey beat me both times of course but it's not all about the winning, it's about the hilarity that bowling always brings no matter who you're with, cos let's face it, most people are utterly rubbish at it, or is that just me...anyhoo after the bowling we hit the arcade games and we played basketball, some other ball game where we broke sweetie jars and whacked some funny looking creatures that basically looked like beavers (but as I was typing I thought that to say whacking beavers sounded kinda rude...then I went ahead and did it anyway), played a couple of rounds of pool and then Wavey played Time Crisis for the first time ever and enjoyed shooting at things with machine guns. A top night was had by all!

And hello Sunday. Somehow we ended up in effin B&Q again! What with that and my trip to the tip where we sat in a stupidly long queue watching people seriously fail at trailer parking, I think I've earned many brownie points as my dad would say. We've had an excellent day in the garden tidying up, raking more gravel, sowing all the seeds ready for the summer vegetables - this year we've gone for: radishes and coriander (which we can sow every 4-6 weeks, bonus), sweet peppers, demon red chili, sugar snap peas and baby courgettes. I've also got seeds for purple (!) carrots, pumpkin, and courgette and we're considering cucumber. There'll be tomatoes and strawberries and I want to give raspberries a go too, and definitely salad leaves, potatoes, onions,'s brilliant growing your own veg!

Now I'm just waiting for the roasted pheasant to finish cooking. I've never cooked this before, nor have I have eaten it before so it's a bit of trial thing here, but we came by these via Wavey's dad and we've got 2 more in the freezer - waste not want not is the motto so the first one is roasting up right now. It looks good. And it smells good. What it will taste like - well I'll let you know tomorrow, eh.

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