Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Window on the world (from the corner)

It's funny how habits can change. If you'd have told me a couple of years ago that watching real people live their lives on the television would be my favourite form of programme I would have laughed in your face. But over the past few months it's the way our viewing habits have gone. I think it all started with the gypsies and their crazy weddings. I mean, how can you not gape in complete and utter awe at someone describing their 14 stone wedding dress that lights up and actually requires its own fire extinguisher?! Or the little 8 year old enjoying her Holy Communion in a dress that had previously been worn by an animated princess, oh and you can actually hardly walk in it. It was absolutely unmissable! And if you did miss it, woe betide you or you'd never be able to have office corner gossip sessions ever again.

The past few weeks we've been watching The Model Agency. This is basically what it says on the tin, it's all about Premier model agency, and the crazy woman who runs it and all her bookers and the tears and tantrums. OMG it's awesome! Each week it comes round and we glue our asses to the sofa to see who will walk out this week, and who will shout and scream, and which model will be all grumpy and which one will be appearing in just their pants...there's only a couple of episodes left and I'm going to be pretty gutted when it's gone because what can possibly replace it?

We've also been watching Lily Allen go from Riches to Rags and following her and her sister through the trials and tribulations of, well, life in general really, but mainly their project to open a store where people can both buy and rent vintage clothes, a big mix of high end and low end, and have their hair done and probably drink some champers. It was the final one today and we've been rooting so much for Lily, cos she's just so fabby! I've always loved her music, and I especially admire her attitude and political comments regarding a certain party that may be blue (without naming names, Tory pigs, oh there you go, I named you anyway) and I really felt for them both. The sister relationship can be tricky at the best of times, I know I would be in utter despair trying to work with mine so mucho respect to them for trying and seeing it through. And it was so very sad when Lily lost her baby despite carrying him for six months and afterwards, the way she was so frank to the cameras, it was very moving...

And so there you have it. A little window into our world. Eeep imagine actually doing that...OMG people would never believe it was real!

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