Friday, 25 March 2011

Drool on shoes

Had the most fabulous day today on a girlie shopping trip with my mam and my big sis. It's probably the first time we've all been out together in what I thought was about 9 years but my mam says probably 10! This is not because we're incredibly bad at organising things, it's just that my sis lives in Preston and she has two young children who have very busy social lives, and then I have my life, my mam has her''s hard work all being available together! But as I said, today it happened. And it was so very lovely. My mam especially was very happy and spent much of the day with a big smile on her face, which pretty much deserves a great big awwwwwww from me!

We met up in Leeds which worked out about halfway for all of us. Leeds is great for many things, but the opening of the Liz Earle shop was reason enough for me. That and the chance to go back to Rose & Co. where I got my most favouritest hair flower. And there's a Harvey Nichols. Wowsers! As soon as we walked through the door I was like, oh Toto we're not in Kansas can smell the wealth as you walk through the door, and that's just the people spritzing everyone with stinky perfume. The leather on the handbags that cost like 1000 pounds, yep 1000 pounds! Seriously, I wouldn't even dare leave the house with a bag that cost that much. But I bet there'd be plenty of room inside for my battered red purse that's held together with a hair bobble...

As we headed up to the food hall there were clothes on the rails that I've only ever read about in magazines: Dolce and Gabana, Stella McCartney, Alexander was awesome! And the shoes, OMG can that really be...yep that actually does say Jimmy Choo! An actual in the flesh, real live pair of Choo! I get a weekly email from Jimmy, he's kind like that :O) showing me all the latest styles and which heel height matches this season but I've never seen a real life pair. I touched them! I did, I went over and picked it up and gaped at the heel height and felt a wee bit disappointed that they weren't somehow padded on the inner sole cos how the heck do you walk in 6 inch heels like that and not feel pain? You think that all those starlets who wear them are actually in total agony? And SJP runs in her's, RUNS! Knowing my record for shoes, I'd walk out of the front step and the heel would snap off. What with that and the Louboutins and the Dolce Dolce Dolce, I was drooling. I immediately texted Wavey to tell him I'd touched some Choo! He laughingly told his colleague who told him to tell me to buy which point Wavey nearly laughingly fell off his chair in amusement. Me in 300 quid shoes? Not likely matey!

On the same kind of shoe note but definitely nowhere near the same league, Urban Outfitters took my new world record, broken in 45 minute shoes back with great ease. Turns out that they'd be doing some kind of product recall on them as they're a load of rubbish and the heel falls of them all. Yay! I felt so relieved, I haven't turned into a shoe monster with an incredibly heavy footfall after all.

The day ended with a lovely lunch in a very posh restaurant where we sat surrounded by expensive looking people with the 1000 pound handbags and ate our sandwich that cost more than most pairs of shoes I buy with happy smiles on our faces. Fabby day, innit.

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