Thursday, 3 March 2011

Good and kind folk

This week saw the beginning of Fairtrade Fortnight and the beginning of The Big Brew. We started off small. I put the teabags, the coffee, the sugar, and the cookies out along with the collection box and just left peeps to be as generous (or not) as they chose. Then we brought in the big guns and I gave the honey to Baker T from which she made flapjacks and a honey Devonshire cake. By about 11am most of the flapjack had gone and there was about a third of the cake left over. We'd suggested 30p a slice as a donation. At the end of each day I lock the little collection box away in my drawer, and as it was feeling kinda heavy I tipped it out and added it all up. And in 2 days we had a whopping 22.00 in there! (my keyboard is set to US and the pound sign becomes something entirely different, don't ask)

I was actually quite overwhelmed. When I first mentioned it to people I did get some really nice emails but I also got quite a lot of silence and I was so touched that people obviously do care and that they were willing to make donations with each brew of the day. I know the cake had a lot to do with it, but who cares how or why the money ends up in the little collection box, as long as it does. I'm really excited to find out how much we raise by the end of it. Baker T will be making some more cakes next week so I'm hoping for another big chunk of change. I'm so pleased it's going well!

I also finally got around to contacting the hospice again regarding my volunteering. After an email from them I will now be helping out in their Charity Chic Boutique on a weekend! I'm so excited about this! For a start I buy loads of my clothes from charidees so what better place to find myself in. Plus, it's not just your average charidee, it's a "chic" shop that specialises in labels and so they can charge that little bit more. It's going to feel so good to be helping out like this. And who knows, hopefully it will lead to other opportunities.

Anyhoo, on a totally more shallow note, my dinner has FINALLY arrived in the shape of Wavey who comes bearing chips - oh happy days!

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tizz said...

Very exciting and very worthy work! Where is this chic boutique located? T xx