Monday, 28 March 2011

Bite you on the ass

It usually follows that a really really good day will then meet a bad day. Today was that day. Well no, not bad exactly, more frustrating, exceedingly so. As I mentioned yesterday I had a holiday day today and I had so many plans. First up I was going to really tackle the ironing pile. Three fill ups of water later and the bloody thing started leaking out of the switches and onto the electric flex. Hmmm thinks I, probably time to buy a new iron then.

I had plans to head into town for various reasons. First up was to check out what seemed like a really good deal in an opticians. I desperately need new glasses as my current pair are scratched beyond belief and the slightest smudge means instant can't see annoyance. I entered the shop only to find that no-one was really serving and also, sniff sniff, the place smelled kinda like poo. Hmmm thinks I, buying glasses from inside a sewer ain't such a good idea.

Next up was to the bank to see the mortgage peeps. I was sure that my current deal ended in April of this year so it was time to shop around for a new one. Was met by this lovely smiling woman who reassured me I'd come to exactly the right person...until she basically gave me a flat out N-O as I would be requiring a buy to let mortgage and they are only available for our premier customers. Which obviously I'm not or so she'd decided right on the spot. I could have been a premier customer! Wonder what gave me away...anyhoo feeling incredibly rejected like I'd committed some heinous crime as I had actually dared to rent out my house to someone and not be a premier customer, I left the bank hanging my head in shame.

I should have known at that point that it really wasn't the right time to go and look for jeans. Is there anyone out there who can go into a shop, pick up a pair of jeans and they be the exact right length/fit/shape? Seriously I need to know! Anyone? Hmmm thought not. It's awful buying jeans! I have me a rather sizeable arse and because of this I need a bigger size but the waist hangs off me. Well it would if anyone made jeans that fit the waist anymore. Don't get me wrong I'm all for the hipsters, but if your arse crack is on display in the changing room what hope does it have when you're crawling around on the floor checking out the bottom shelf in the library?! None at all peeps. Again, with the rejection. By this time I'm feeling thoroughly fed up.

And what better place to head to when you're fed up than Argos for a bit of quality iron shopping and a look at the ooh pretty shiny jewels. 5 minutes later I emerged with a quality iron and a ten tonne Spring/Summer catalogue. Everything fits right in Argos.

Back to the village and I posted the census from yesterday (nothing like a good making history moment) then went to the local charidees to check out the books. And actually came home empty handed! This has to be a first. Truly. But there just wasn't anything catching my eye. Rubbish!

The final part of my rejection day was when I headed down to the doctors to make an appointment only to meet the BIGGEST queue I have ever seen. No effin way was I waiting in that. Stupid doctors. Their appointment system sucks big style, but that's like a whole other moaning post so I'll leave that for another day.

Now I'm back at home. I've spoken to the mortgage people I currently um mortgage with and my current deal doesn't run out until October, doh! And they're more than happy to continue to grant me permission to let and I just need to call them 3 months before to discuss new rates etc. I've baked up some more yummy homemade cereal bar and I'm about to make some italian meatballs for dinner, followed by a rhubarb and blackberry crumble, yum! Just trying to turn my luck around...

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