Friday, 11 March 2011


Wavey and I have given up cake, biscuits, and chocolate for Lent because we are good boy and girl. It seemed like such a good plan, 6 weeks isn't really that it? And it's timely as we are due to go on our next holiday in 14 weeks (SQUEAL!) in hot places where we'll be wearing shorts and stuff like that, so losing a bit of the chunk won't be such a bad thing.

However, it's only 3 days in and we're actually feeling kinda crappy. We're both incredibly tired and a bit headachey and one of us (not me) is really rather grumpy. It suddenly dawned on us today that we're junkies! We're cake and biscuit and chocolate junkies and now we've gone cold turkey, and as any true junkie knows (I've read a lot about this kind of thing...) it's pants! And also, oh my god, cos how much chocolate and cake and biscuit type treat did we actually eat?!

How long will it take before it's all gone out of our system? And once we've gone past the 6 weeks will we ever want to eat treats again? Erm, YES! But will we be able to? Nooooo, what if we permanently ruin ourselves of all yummy tasty delicious chocolatey goodness treats? Eeeeep!

So here we are. It's Friday night. It's 8.10 in the pm and we're both nearly asleep. Our loss of sugar is hitting us hard! Our rock'n'roll and debauched lifestyle is leaving us as I type. This giving up shit is hard.

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Anonymous said...

Try eating dried fruit. Dates are one of my favourites, and there's a brand of dried mango that I lurve. It's fruit, so obviously not naughty, but you still get the sugar rush - win, win! But beware, overindulgence can mean you spend a lot of time on the loo.

Fizz xx