Sunday, 27 March 2011

A really rather busy day of doing

Good evening all. My calendar tells me that today is officially the day that British Summertime begins and in celebration of this Wavey is outside doing the man thing with fire, also known as the very first BBQ of the season, yay! In honour of this I've created some yummy burgers with onions, mushrooms, chili, mince, thrown in some soy sauce, some worcester sauce, some sweet chili sauce, and a drop of wholegrain mustard for good measure. With them and the cumberland sausage, plus the mini baked potatoes and salad we're in for a first day of summertime feast!

And it's been such a beautiful day. I've spent most of it outside in the garden in a vest top and have actual freckles on my shoulders to show for it. How can it be this warm in March? Are we to be punished later on in the year when it should be that warm? Nature is a funny old lady.

The day started with a dread feeling of really needing to go to the supermarket. But on a Sunday this is pretty much the equivalent of hell. It's full of families, seemingly with every single member which has to include the screaming baby and having a fit toddler - usually one to be avoided but needs must. Somehow I must have timed it to perfection as there was no waiting in a queue to get in the car park (yes this really does happen), there was hardly anyone in there, I didn't have to stand behind 3 people to get served, and I didn't go off list at all thus bringing in my weekly shop on target, yippee!

And so to the garden. I started off in the greenhouse that was absolutely deliciously hot! Like 27 degree hot. I think I'm going to get some deckchairs and pop them in there as it's kind of a poor man's conservatory. A gardener's paradise in my book though. It's so exciting to see that radishes are already popping their head up, and just from today two of the baby sweetcorn are showing growth! I spent a very pleasant half hour in there, hands deep in soil, sowing three different kinds of sunflowers and marigolds, and some cucumbers. From there I laid yet more pebbles in the secret garden and weeded it all too, fecking nettles and brambles are the bane of my life!! And they sting like buggery if I miss the rubbish bag, owwwwww. And finally I dug my veg patch ready for this season's plot. It looks super fabulous and the soil is just so blooming fabulous - I feel like I'm turning into Percy Thrower! I never thought I would wax lyrical about soil, but there you go, I just did.

Fizz popped round for an evening bench cuppa with the two doggies who are now bald. Well not entirely but they've been clipped into their summer coats and they look like little boys going back to school after a short back and sides cut. Funny. Plus it was pretty much comedy central watching Baz disappear down the decking every few seconds, he's so dopey.

Of course much of my day has also included refreshments on the bench, and I sat out there for a good half hour reading my book whilst Wavey was watching the first race of the Formula 1 season. All in all it's been a really lovely day. I'm feeling kinda tired now though and my body is already starting to protest at the big digging - a hot bath will solve that nicely. But you know what's the best of all? I've got one more day of the weekend as I'm off work tomorrow. I'm hoping for another gloriously sunny day - could we be that lucky...?

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