Friday, 30 October 2009

Cirque du Freak-ing Awful

I'm going to stop suggesting film choices. Last night we went to see Cirque du Freak - The Vampire's Assistant. Possibly an odd choice, I admit, but it's all about the vampires at the moment so we thought why the heck not. Turns out, big why not. It was awful! And because it was so bad, it felt like it was never going to end. My body started doing that thing where everything just aches cos really all you want to do is get up out of the cinema seat and leave the utterly awful film (which several people did might I add) I wouldn't have felt so bad except that it was me who suggested we watch it and both Fizz and Wavey came along as well.

When I read the premise on the cinema guide it sounded fun, dark and fantastical with special effects and the most important element, vampires. Perhaps I should have guessed when I read a review of it saying that it was a bit too grotesque for children and a bit not enough for adults...I should have been put off, but I foolishly carried on and paid for my ticket. Oh talking of tickets, most excellent. I'm still awaiting my student discount card, that as an employee in a higher education institute I'm fully entitled to, which means cheaper cinema nights. I was outraged when I got closer to find that a full price ticket is £6.80! Nearly £7 people to go to the cinema! That is at 2 and 3/4 pints if a night of drinking was being done instead of cinema. Anyways, I said to the nice cinema desk guy, I've got a dead student card if that counts for anything, and he gave me the much more friendly student rate of £5.20. As I walked towards Fizz and Wavey triumphant they were just shaking their heads asking the always asked question: how did you do that...? I don't know my lovelies, that's the charm of me I guess.

And so back to the film. Awkward teenagers, Salma Hayek growing a beard (!), evil little Gollum-like creatures who seemed to pop from evaporated vamps, comedy spiders, all in all it was freaking awful. Lesson learned: don't go to the cinema in half-term holidays as clearly all films are aimed at grotty teenagers/snotty children. Is it wrong that I still want to go and see The Fantastic Mr Fox...? Any takers? Anyone...

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