Friday, 9 October 2009

New shops!

One of the bestest things about being in new areas is finding new shops. And this evening is the night for discovery detail. I'm outta the door at 4 (oooh rhymey) and heading into the town to lookee round the new shops. I'm not getting too excited as they don't have an H&M or a Peacocks, which are my most favourite, but they do have a TopShop, New Look and Primark which should hopefully prove somewhat fruitful in my search for ever more funky hosiery. And! Everywhere has mid-season sales on. And! Because of my new work location and not having to walk through town to get home, I've not spent any money at all really, apart from on train fares and milk. I've got from 4-6, it's a challenge. But it's one I relish with delight. I shall post purchases with glee.

On a work related note, today was very exciting. We got to play with the fire alarms! Not many people can say that about their workplace, but as we're such a small staff we'll be responsible for the weekly testing. We all have a key and the power to press buttons to reset the system, wowie zowie! Just another rock and roll Friday here then...

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