Monday, 26 October 2009

A day of observations

Travelling by public transport is one of my favourite things to do, which is lucky as in my current commute I get a bus, a train, and a hop-skip-jump 15 minute walk. When it's cold and wet and you've been standing waiting for a bus for half an hour and then 4 turn up at once it can be slightly annoying, but for the most part, you truly do get to see life and all its glories. Today was just one of those days.

It started off on the bus. It's half term so all the grotty teenagers are heading into town to do whatever it is that grotty teenagers do these days (my, I sound old there!) This particular group were all around 14-15 years old and all of the male persuasion. They had in their sweaty hands one of the many male magazines that are on offer from the stand. This particular one seemed to be a bonanza issue of big boobies. I find it particularly odd, this idea of group gazing. Is this the thing to do now? It was always furtive glances at page 3 when I was at school, but obviously that was a gazillion years ago and times have changed. Much sniggering and fwoargh-ing later they reached their stop and headed off into the grotty teenagedom distance.

It continued on the train. I was stood at the platform waiting for the train to arrive and next to me were a family of 2 adults + 2 children, boy and girl, your perfect nuclear family...until the boy (who I would say was about 7) started going off on one when his sister (about 4) kept straying over the yellow safety line. At first I didn't pay too much attention but when he started screaming and stamping his feet my eyes strayed a little over their way. She looked to me like she was of a cheeky demeanour (we can spot each other a mile away, us cheeky peeps) so of course she did it again. Which prompted this massive outburst from him of hysterics, clutching at his mother he shouted "but she might die!" (imagine said in loud long wailing tone) Sheesh. It even made me take a step back away from the line; needless to say she stayed firmly by her mother's side after that. His little outbursts continued on the journey, especially when she nipped him - cue more screaming and foot stamping. Blimey.

I get off the train to begin my walk when I had to do a double take as walking right by me with his suitcase was Ian Botham! Looking very tanned (I know he didn't get that from round these parts!) But I was baffled. Why would a cricketing legend be here? Was he doing his latest Shredded Wheat advert? But I was (sadly) so excited at spotting a famous person that I had to immediately text my peeps! Ha!

Thus endeth the Monday observations.


Anonymous said...

Wow Ian Botham thats better than your usually snotty bloodied up hoodie types you usually see!


wavey said...

let me get this straight .. the wailer was concerned that his little sis might die ???? When I was 7 I would have seen this as an opportunity to inherit a bedroom that I didnt have to share !

Mind you, when I was 7 the trains didnt go fast enough to do more than cover you in steam anyway :-)