Thursday, 8 October 2009


For the longest time it's been under discussion in libraryland about how we should be allowed to have a radio or to listen to our ipods whilst at work. Obviously it doesn't happen as libraries are generally quiet places and it'd be the staff getting shushed (not that I have ever shushed anyone in my life!) and being told to turn that offensive thing off. Not so in other-libraryland. The group of students that were supposed to turn up didn't (what a surprise) So I started singing in the office. I suspect this wasn't really very well received as it was suggested that the radio be put on...and now I'm sat here listening to Fearne Cotton on Radio 1! Which is simply super.

What isn't super is of course the ongoing snoozefest that is other-libraryland. Has anyone else seriously ever known a university campus to have absolutely no students on it? A big fat zero? I really cannot get my head wrapped around it at all. It's the most bizarre "job" I've ever had. The worst thing about it is that everyone told me it would be like this and, me being me, I refused to listen and believed it would be different. Of course it's not and I can't bear the thought of having to go back with my tail between my legs and say you told me so and you were so right. Silverlining? I needed to get out of normal-libraryland to get some perspective. Being here has allowed for that. And I now know that no matter how frustrating it is back there, I will be ever so grateful to go back to all the madness in 6 weeks...

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wavey said...

I gotta say that singing-in-the-office is not a thing that I've come across before. I suppose it depends on the singer but I think I'd like it !

If someone started singing in my office they'd be whisked off to 'medical' before the 2nd verse started.

Is this a common phenomenon ? Have I led a very sheltered office life ?