Friday, 16 October 2009

Always me!

I don't know how I manage it, I truly don't. I seem to attract mad happenings at a bonkers pace. If it's not tales of public transport woes, it's tales from reception, and now I have another one to tell you.

I'm quite happily logged onto the PC trying to find a deal for my home insurance which is coming up (we know how to use our time effectively here you know...) when I hear cries of school children. They did used to occupy the place so I'm surprised they haven't turned up before now. This was a trio of Year 7s which would make them approximately 11 I think. All slightly out of breath and bordering on hysterical they tell me that one of them has managed to get her shoe stuck in a bush. Trying not to laugh too much I get a little bit more information out of them about where exactly it is. Oh we know the place, they say, we can run and get way, thinks I, am I letting crazy school children run riot round the building, our boss would kill me! So I calmly point them to the reception waiting area and ask them to sit there whilst I phone back to the office requesting assistance.

Over in the corner the Breathless Trio start flapping about one of their friends being left behind and immediately whip out 3 mobile phones and start texting. A competition possibly, to see who could contact their errant pal first? Then they start taking shoes off and getting trainers out of bags and trying on each other's shoes, all to the constant stream of: don'tworrythey'llfinditandifnotyoucanusemytrainersyou'reasize5aren'tyou...and so on. A jingley alert later, one of them proudly informs the other 2 that errant pal has found safety in another's company, big relief eh?

One tramping around in the bushes later the flying shoe is retrieved from the bush and passed back to the Breathless Shoeless One. And off they trot into the sunset with the leader of the pack telling them all about how when she was on holiday in Turkey they let you drink when you're 11 and obviously they have a different culture...I missed the last few words as they'd gone too far. One of them did think to stop and yell through the door Thank You!

And that was today's adventure. Tune in for more next week.

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