Monday, 12 October 2009


It's my late night til 9. I've done my reception stint and am now sat in the office, but it's warm and I'm ever so sleepy and hungry so I'm doing a lot of staring off into space and fighting the urge to put my head down on my desk and have a quick nappette. I'm not really sure that anyone would really notice as I've been sat here for 1 hour and 20 minutes and no-one has come in to ask for my assistance. Bad form do we think? To sleep on the job?

Where did the weekend go? You know it's bad when even your 7 year old nephew is commenting on how quickly time is flying by! It truly is ever so whooshy. Probably not helping in the whole sleepy thing either as I was kinda busy busy. Did some housey jobs, did lots of shopping (which is always exhausting...), met Fizz for a late lunch but as she's poorly sick with some horrible cold that's flying round, proved to be a shortlived meeting up sesh. Stumbled across a continental market and bought some yummy tomato bread from a French stall and bought not one but two Christmas presents (wow! I impress myself with my organisation thus far!) Did some wizzy card shopping too, I think Wavey was very impressed by my see it and grab it selection method, no lingering around to read the pukey verse for me. We found a soooper card for our beloved Stormin' which is just hi-larious and much chuckling will occur upon opening. And that was the end of that folks. Sunday evening rolled around and it was time to start the work week again.

We have a new person joining us tomorrow making 4 people with nothing to do. Interesting *strokes chin* but first we have inducting and showing around to do, which is always an effective time filler.

It's dicky-dark outside now, not helping with the whole wanting to snooze thing. But! Only 59 minutes to go and I am outta here! Woooo! You'll give me a nudge won't you...

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