Thursday, 15 October 2009

Cry baby

So Fizz and I went to see Time Traveler's Wife last night. We went to our favourite cinema, where you can take a drink if you like, in a nice civilized glass rather than an oversized giant cup packed full of ice with a straw hole. We also discovered that they have an icecream machine now so we put in our pennies and watched our icecreams appear in the little window, very exciting! I got my trusty Ben and Jerry's Caramel ChewChew, but Fizz went all retro and got herself a Feast, still good apparently. It was a nice surprise to see a theatre bud there too so we chitted the chat with him until the film started.

As I said in a previous post I had anxiety about seeing this film. But all for nothing dear readers. It was a very lovely adaptation of a gorgeous book. Of course, there were huge chunks missing but it's impossible to be entirely true to the original. And what they did miss out didn't make the film version any less lovely. I felt it was very well cast as well, Fizz was particularly impressed with the idea that she would get to see Eric Bana in the buff, and in the library stacks as well, how rude!

I knew from the get-go that I would end up in tears by the end. I'm not afraid to say that I am a total and utter puff when it comes to sad films/television/books/music. At a particularly emotional point in the film, when I was indeed snuffling a bit, Fizz leaned over and said to me, are you crying yet? Which she thought was just hi-larious (grrrr) By the end, I was of course all welled up and snuffling, but it truly did merit such tears (in my puff-dom opinion) If I'd been watching it at home and on my own I would have probably been all out bawling (ahem) So to sum up, I'd recommend the film. But pack your tissues if you're off the puff-dom persuasion as you will need them.

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