Tuesday, 13 October 2009

You have 116 unique titles queued

Such was the message that greeted me today when I logged onto my lovefilm account. I tend to watch 1 dvd per week so if I don't add any more it should only take me, oooh about 2 years and 3 months to watch them all! What am I thinking? I may never ever catch up. Mind you, is that truly the objective? I wonder if anyone ever completely empties their list and then starts again. It could take years to build it again, trawling through all the hot new releases, the coming soons, the top 50 per week...it's endless. But I don't want to remove any of them either cos they're on there for a reason. We just watched Assault on Precinct 13 on Sunday night which was a great film, edge of your seat type stuff, but it was from 2004, sheesh! What about all the 2009s that are just coming out? Too much availability, this is the trouble here.

Speaking of cinema, Fizz and I are going to see The Time Traveller's Wife tomorrow. I'm actually feeling a little anxious about it. The first time I read the book I didn't really like it, for some reason, it just didn't gel for me. But then so many people kept telling me how wonderful it was so I gave it another go. On the second reading I was utterly mesmerised by it. What happens if the film is a total washout? I will truly be devestated. Has anyone seen it? Do we know how faithful it is to the book? I shall report back on Thursday.

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Jill said...

you could always see if you've seen any of the films on the list from watching with friends or it being on TV?