Monday, 30 June 2014

The newest of the new

Over the past three months we've done a lot of looking round houses. We've looked at them online and then we've looked at them in person. Some have been lovely, some have been pretty awful, some have been neither here nor there, but I don't think anything can prepare you for looking round a brand new house. As in so new that they're still building it. It was only really an idea that we were throwing around, maybe we weren't entirely serious buyers, but the snotty marketing woman was not entirely nice as she showed us round the brand new new-ness. 

So new builds. Wow they're small. The rooms are small, the ceilings are low, the gardens are the size of a postage stamp in comparison to our own plot of land. As I was looking around and thinking about the possibility of living there my first worry was that we would need to replace all our furniture. Like all of it. The new house we looked at had little furniture. We have a lot of wood and comfy and as a result these things are big, some might consider them cumbersome, but there was no way in hecky thump that our dining room table would even fit through the front door, much less in the corner of the living room allotted to dining in the show house. I wondered aloud as we drove home how many people actually try to replicate the show house and buy almost the same furniture, just because they know it fits in the spaces provided. 

Let's talk en-suite. Apparently every house needs one. And a bathroom. Personally I'd prefer that en-suite space be part of the bedroom to make it bigger. There was also very little space for wardrobes. Um, where do all the clothes fit? And cushions on the bed. Why so many? I apologise now if you are a huge pile of cushions on the bed person but I just don't get it. There were at least 3 additional layers as well as the pillows on this show home bed, and at one house we looked at I swear they filled the entire bed! They were so in your face that it was hard to see the size of the bedroom for the giant mound of cushions taking over it. Seems to me to be a whole lot of work going on removing the cushions before you can flop into bed, and then what happens to all the cushions? Do they just flail around on the bedroom floor? Perhaps it's to provide a soft landing should one fall out of bed...? 

I think it's fair to say, and in this instance the snotty marketing woman was right, that Wavey and I are not best fit for a brand new, new build. 

The house selling is slightly frustrating. We are getting viewings and they all love the house but they see the garden and panic. I reckon we need better marketing which is under discussion this week. Let's hope something good comes of it. My overwhelming feeling is to just want this thing done. So that we can just be ourselves again. Have all of our stuff out, not just what we think should be on display to best show our house. I miss Roger the Tiger and the knitted Dalek lovingly made by Fizz. Home is the one place you just want to be; not on show all the time. Just be *sigh*

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