Friday, 20 June 2014

Trying not to remember all over again

It happened again! Can you believe it? Two yacks of the week in one week. This is most unfortunate. Step up to the confessional second yack: banana pancakes. And by that I don't mean pancakes served with banana as we all know that seriously rocks. No, this was pancakes made with banana. I should have known, it was another clean eating/drinking thing. I told you, I'm a total sucker. I'm all for let's try and make these tasty things healthier, I fall for it every time. They must see me coming...

So to make pancakes from banana you mash up one ripe banana, add two eggs, some cinnamon and some vanilla extract and stir it up good. Then in the normal way of making pancakes you pour and wait for the top surface to bubble. Or for the bottom to burn black and not be able to flip it over as it's essentially baby mush consistency and will not flip no matter how many times you try, mutha-effer! 

That was pancake number 1. Pancake number 2 didn't fare much better. By 3 I contemplated just chucking the mixture away and going with breakfast cereal. But I am nothing if not stubborn and you, yes I'm looking at you third pancake, will work! Flip, slop, examine. Will it look better if I add fruit on the side? Pour a little honey over it? Hmmmm. Not really. 

I sit down, still stubborn, load myself up an episode of 'Modern Family' and prepare to try this tasty treat. Sweet, so sweet. Too sweet. Mushy, sloppy, yep I'd go with rank. Again. Massive disappointment. I was so upset I went right to my Pinterest and permanently deleted the recipe. Begone evil baby banana slop and your fake pancake-ness. You might be clean eating but you taste like utter rubbish. If real pancakes are the exact opposite and dirty, I say bring on the dirt. Bring. It. I'll take a bit of dirt over your clean any day. Peh peh peh! 

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