Sunday, 6 July 2014

This week...

...I've been clashing cultures with a bit of "geek" and "hip hop" on my feet

...Fox Watch continues as the cheeky cubs venture into our garden and try to eat our raspberries

...we grew ridiculously large vegetables

...we forgot how to function as two worker bees in one house and ended up eating takeaway and letting the ironing pile high. This has been my day for at least 5 episodes of 'Modern Family'

Side note: does anyone else do a weekly meal planner? It's very much a get my geek on type of thing but I reckon it could really help us to be more organised and stay away from the take away temptation. Any tips to share?

Discoveries of the week:

1. Bronzer balls

I'm still not sure how qualified the extremely orange make-up counter person was in telling me how to use it as clearly she must need to use some sort of gardening device like a trowel to take off the amount of cosmetics she had loaded on her face. Yowser, what's wrong with the natural look...but just in case you wish to take her advice, bronzer should not be used on the neck, only on those areas where the sun would kiss your face...

2. Two Dots 
At your peril would I advise downloading this game. You will become hooked. LOVING IT. 

How can it be Sunday already? Oh and July? JULY! When did that sneak up on us? Yowsers...


Librarian Girl said...

We meal plan. Do it! So worth it. I love only having to decide what to eat once a week for the whole week.

Jill Hazard said...

Meal planning is the way to go - we used to but have fallen out of the habit and eat poorly now for it - it's great the way we used to do it pick the number of fish, chicken, veg and red meat if any meals and then hunt through the cook books so you actually get to try something new too!