Wednesday, 25 June 2014


After being out of a work environment for 16 months it's fair to say it's been a shock to my system getting back into one. It's not so much the early mornings (although they are pretty killer) but the long stretches of time sat in front of a computer, at a desk. It's funny as I kind of spent the last 16 months doing something similar, except it was at my kitchen table. And I used to get up about every 10 minutes to make a cup of tea or find a snack. Or pretty much do anything except my work. It soon becomes obvious that this kind of behaviour is not really the done thing once you go back to work. Pretty shoddy frankly, that's an office I'd LOVE to work in! 

The first thing I have discovered about my new office mates is that they are not big tea drinkers. This could be a problem....

The second thing is that a lot of them think nothing of missing lunch. This is definitely going to be a problem...

The third thing is that I don't really have my own desk and will be doing what they call hot desk-ing. This is a bit sucky. I have nowhere to leave my mug. I'm not alone in the hot desk-ing thing, in fact this morning we had a conversation about our plans. I'm thinking I might make my car my office and go mobile. One of my new colleagues has already scouted the locations for good wifi in the main part of town and plans to hold all his meetings in McDonalds or Costa Coffee. You see what good planners we are...

Another strange thing is my body. During student phase it's been quite used to lying prone on the sofa while I watch trashy tv and vlogs on YouTube, obviously during my lunch and tea breaks. Which sometimes might have been most of the day. Don't judge me. Now that I am back into the commute, walk many footsteps throughout day, sit for longer periods of time, commute back again phase, I have had the most hideous cramp in my legs and feet. I woke up at 5.30 this morning shouting expletives whilst trying desperately to massage the pain out of my calf. Yes I am that bed companion. Lucky Wavey, eh. Seriously is there anything worse than cramp? I've not been through childbirth so maybe that's possibly worse but cramp has to be the most evil mother-effer thing ever. And at 5.30 in the morning was not at all welcomed in politely. 

I think I am realigning. I hope it doesn't take too long. 

On the plus side my new work peeps seem really nice, despite the lack of tea drinking (weirdos), and I have my own laptop. It's ancient, and doesn't connect to wifi. But it's mine and comes with its own bag. Get me. What with that and my new smarty pants work clothes wardrobe I'm a new Dizz.

Disclaimer: I will never be anything other than the Dizz you all know and love. Even when I am rich and wave royally at you all from my palace in the sky.

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