Monday, 16 June 2014

One for all...

Does anyone else do that thing where they record stuff onto their tv box and then forget about it until months later? We did just that recently with the BBC adaptation of The Musketeers. I think it was on in maybe February or March and we've just got round to watching it. Soooo glad that we did though. Oh my! It was brilliant! Truly. It was swashbuckling and sword fighting and horse hoof-pounding, and flirty and romance and naughty-naughty, it was exciting and dramatic, but most of all it was just heaps of fun. The cast, who incidentally are all extremely easy on the eye if you like a bit of rough stuff with a crackin' beard as demonstrated in the image below (thanks BBC):

I'm sure that Wavey would testify that the lay-dees were equally delightful, although much less bearded as you can imagine. Definitely a lot of heaving bosoms around though. All round win-win for eye candy. 

We watched the very last episode last night and I feel so sad that it's gone. I actually miss them already. There is another series going to be made but not until next year. NEXT YEAR! Too long BBC. 

I'd call it my discovery of the week but we've been watching it for longer than a week. If you haven't seen it I would highly recommend watching it. You're welcome. 

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