Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Trying not to remember discovery of the week

I considered putting yack of the week in the title but I thought it might be confused with a yak, as in the big hairy animal and so went with that long convoluted effort up there ^^

Thus far, all of my discoveries have been pleasant surprises and have filled me with joy, not so with this one. Ladies and gentlemen, let's talk coconut water. I had read a whole lot of good things about this water, how hydrating it is (erm isn't that just all water though...?), it's so good for you, it's a wonder product, drink it now type thing. And as we know I'm a sucker for all things good and natural so I bought it. At a whopping £1.49 for a not very large carton too, I might add. 

It was an exciting moment when it was poured. I was ready and waiting for my first taste of this divine wonder water. SPIT IT OUT! Ugh! What is this disgusting drink! Yack, barf, peh peh peh (the sound of sticking out your tongue to get rid of the flavour, like in 'Big' when he eats the caviar for the first time? That.) Nast-eeee. It's hard to describe the flavour. It tasted overwhelmingly salty and really quite unpleasant. Me no likey. Not at all. 

Man, I was massively disappointed. I love coconut. Seriously, I heart it so. And I especially love coconut milk, it's just such a lush and lovely flavour. I think I was expecting the water to taste of coconut but as I say, it mainly tasted of salt to me. Did I have a bad batch? Should it really taste like coconut milk? Have I been robbed of my first taste sensation? If you've tried it, please put me right. If you've not tried it, don't. It's rank. Peh peh peh...

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