Thursday, 10 February 2011

Spring fever

I know it's not really Spring, cos it's February and we've got AGES to go before it gets warm and Spring-like but today I woke up with such a good feeling. Much needed I hasten to add as my work week has been pretty rotten, but how can you fail to smile when this lovely bunch of flowers joins you for breakfast:

Plus I threw on this ensemble today and just loved it straightaway! The giant pockets are ace and I've pretty much spent most of the day walking round with my hands in them!

And my lovely necklace attracted a lot of attention from a male least we think he was looking at my necklace...

To top off this agreeable day, Wavey and I have just been out for impromptu date night and eaten a huge lasagne! Then we came home and cracked open some vino and have just munched our way through a GU key lime pie (YUM!). Oh and he's suddenly decided that serenading me is the way forward so every sentence has been turned into a song - sing it with me baby!

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Anonymous said...

aw lovely!! You house has been taken over by the giant man eating plant.....