Saturday, 12 February 2011

Celebration of woman

Today I went and had something done that I've been meaning to do for ages - I went and got measured for a bra. For quite a while now I've been figuring that I've been wearing the wrong size but it's one of those things you never quite get round to. It was a good thing to do as I've actually increased in size and the difference in how my new bras feel - wow! And they look so much better too!

Anyway, what I figured was, this is my blog (well I own a third of it but seeing as it's mainly me who blogs I kind of feel full ownership...) and so I'm going to be out loud and proud about what kind of woman I am - and that would be curvy. Since being a teenager I've been all kinds of sizes from really really skinny and all arms and legs in my early teenage years to kinda chunky from too many beers and too much pasta at university. But for the past few years I've settled down to what I am now, with some small fluctuations here and there depending on how many pies and cakes I enjoy.

After getting measured in the shop I decided I was going to come home and measure myself in the good old fashioned way, bust-waist-hips ratio. The result of this measuring was that I am a curvy 38-34-42.

Initially I eek-ed a little bit and considered if I need to actually lose some weight. My conclusion was no. Not at all. I'm a healthy gal, I eat heaps of fruit and veg and I exercise at least twice a week, every week these days. Instead, I'm taking those numbers and I'm loving them. I'm loving my larger bust, my little pot belly, and my big arse!

Celebrate with me blog readers. Get the tape measure out, measure yourselves and love your numbers! We're all shapes and sizes and heights and weights but none of it matters - be happy, be proud, be skinny, be curvy, eat cake, eat fruit! Just be!

Happy, content, and curvy I be.

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