Sunday, 20 February 2011

Not as feeble, still bored

Depending on your point of view, games are the ideal way to save you from boredom. I never quite understood why people spent so much time playing on games and things, mainly because I'm not too good at them, especially any that involve driving around as they make me feel dizzy-dizz-dizz. But since I got my Nintendo DS for my birthday I've been hooked. I don't have loads of games (yet!) but I'm sure I will with time. For my birthday Fizz bought me a voucher to go and buy a game and I bought Art Academy. And it's ace! Today I did 4 lessons, starting with simple pencil drawing and moving on into life drawing of a pear. This was my very first class, the simple apple:

And this is when I moved on to pencil and paints:

It's just so blimmin clever! I don't understand how such things can work, but I don't really need to understand, I just sit back in admiration and delight in them.

I also found out that if I shout BLUE at the Brain Training game then it will bypass my northern accent and understand what I'm saying instead of just flashing up Try Again Try Again. I increased my brain age from 52 to 37 today, which is in actual fact only one year older than what I am - not too shabby!

On the rubbish virus front I'm on the mend for definite. But still not 100%. And I have weird aches and pains in odd places like my breastbone and my abdomen area, what's that all about?! There's definitely no point trying to understand that, specialists spend years trying to work out stuff like this, not likely that l'il ole me will come up with an answer!

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