Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Rebel with fuzz

The hair is reaching the tricky length that I struggle with each time I grow it out from short. I know it's not at all but I can't help thinking of it as slightly mumsy, and that is one look that I don't want to rock. I was at the hairdressers on Saturday and had an idea of something that I wanted but wasn't sure if my hairdresser would do it or not. Turns out she indulges my little ideas and was more than happy to do what I asked. So here it is all shiny and sleek and straight:

And here's the little surprise that lies underneath:

Hee! I love it! And it feels so lovely and fuzzy that I can't stop touching it! Since I wear my hair up for most of this difficult growing out period, my fuzzy undercut will be visible for lots to see - yay!

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