Saturday, 26 February 2011

Kitchen activity

Woke up today feeling so much better. Much more like myself again and apparently I have returned to my "usual cheeky self" as Wavey says so I must be on the mend. I'm being good though and taking it easy, not going too mad. But still doing stuff. I only sat on the sofa for about an hour today. Mind you in that hour I did spend some quality time drooling over Dave Grohl at the NME Awards, and watch a very funny episode of Friends where Ross wore a girl's jumper *snort*

The rest of the time I've been in the kitchen. Loving it! Yesterday I made pizza dough for the first time ever. This was my very first pizza from scratch:

And it tasted so nice! We had leftover dough so made a slightly smaller version for lunch. So tasty! Methinks shop bought pizzas may be a thing of the past now.

I also made some yummy cakes. There was a time, before the oven exploded, that I thought I'd lost my ability to bake cakes. I would make up the mixture, put them in, and they'd often be flat or too crispy, generally a bit pants really. But now I think it was probably that the oven was broken for longer than we realised as this new oven? Gorgeous cakes! Today's little cakes of joy had nutella inside them as icing. YUM YUM YUM. And really, quite healthy - well that's what the advert says. It releases energy slowly apparently so it's perfectly fine to put it in your cakes.

Having said all this Wavey and I have made some stupid pact that we'll give up cakes and biscuits for Lent. Not that either of us are very religious, but we are a bit fat knacker-ish and we do go on holiday in just over 4 months (SQUEAL!!!!) so giving up the bad staff for 6 weeks won't be that hard...will it...what have we agreed to?!

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