Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sofa squashing continued

So hey, guess what, I'm still ill. Talk about sucks! For a brief time yesterday I felt great, I was up and about and happy and being cheeky again (always a good sign) then as the evening wore on I started to get stomach ache again...then my legs started aching...but I was still determined to go back to work. Until I got up this morning, looked in the mirror, and thought no, you missy are still not fully well and therefore must continue to squash the sofa and join the society. And so I've had to let D know that I probably won't make it to the KT Tunstall gig tomorrow night (gutted does not even begin to describe it) because it's not fair she should miss it and at least if I give her this much notice she might find someone else to take. Stupid evil germy virus pants - DISLIKE muchly.

On a brighter note, Lucas didn't shoot Dan in One Tree Hill. He shot a wall. But just after he'd shot the wall his mom, who incidentally only looks about 2 years older than he is, collapsed and she's pregnant and so it was all drama drama. Then some major 'fessing occurred when Brooke said she'd stolen the Calculus exam. But the Principal guy was all like no, you've learned your lesson the hard way so you can still graduate. Then they all got even more glam and glossy and wore blue gowns and caps and graduated. And Halley was in the middle of her valedictorian speech when she went into labour...right at about the same time that Lucas's mom (whose baby had earlier been delivered by emergency c-section) started crashing and now it's all like, ooooh no is she going to can see why I'm hooked...

The book that I was talking about the other day got even more weird. He basically told us that his wife had in fact died and that she wasn't missing. Now it's kind of gob smacking that since that confession he's let an old man give him a blow job in a car, joined another car with 2 guys in it and went on some kind of stealing rampage, took a pee out of the car window, became a beach bum, and is currently stalking someone from earlier in the book. This all happened within about 20 pages. But don't be judgemental! No instead you must agree with the review from the Independent: if you don't like it you may not be alive to the pleasures of reading...I have to say that is totally what I've been thinking all along...

In the short burst of feeling better yesterday I took to finishing off my CV. And mighty proud I am of it too! A wee bit of internet surfing around a few job sites found me doing an application form to be a Brand Manager at TopShop. Well, I am seeking a change in direction. And I do love clothes. So why the heck not? I completed my application today so will just have to sit tight and see what happens. I don't hold out a great deal of hope but it's better than just sitting around and whining about how rubbish work is. Being proactive and seeking out jobs is the best medicine for that.

Now if only I could find the best medicine for this virus and then I'd be really happy. I look like this washed out, crappy hair, pale face, sad eyed person. :'(

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Anonymous said...

Great idea to get into fashion retail - think of the DISCOUNTS!