Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Be gone wooden horses!

My laptop has been poorly. Worryingly poorly. First of all it went from being able to run for a couple of hours on battery to like 20 minutes. Then it went into CRITICAL BATTERY instead of just low battery. Then some strange message kept popping up about found new hardware - say wha'? All in all, I had myself going to the megaworld of PC Curry World or whatever it's called to go and buy me a new one.

But fear not friends! As Super G stepped in, took it away for a couple of days (boy I missed it!) and it was returned to me today. And it's ace! It's so speedy! And it promises me 1 hour of battery life - wowsers! Apparently it had 4 trojan horses. I have no idea what this means, or how those pesky wooden horses managed to sneak through, and why wasn't Brad Pitt in one of them like in the film Troy? Who can know? Puzzle away, just like me. But don't puzzle for too long, just join me in my happy happy joy that my laptop is returned to its beloved owner, who will treat it with much love and happy typing days.

*happy jig of laptop joy*

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graham said...

You're more than welcome...Enjoy!