Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sofa crushed

Hi! Me again. Yep you guessed it, still here, still squashing the sofa. Still But today my ma brought me some of this magic tonic stuff called MetaTone. Once I get past the idea that it sounds very much like methadone (which I really don't need!) I decided to sup it and see. Turns out it tastes like cack. But it's supposed to have all these wonderful things in it that boost your immune system right back up there. One of the ingredients is caramel. It don't taste like caramel. And it's red. Anyway, moving on from the bleurgh I stopped being such a big baby and drank it down. Boost me you sucker, boost me!!

In other news, I am missing the KT Tunstall gig (beyond gutted) but at least the tix aren't going to waste as T&G are going in our place. I've heard she's awful live anyway, rubbish, terrible, why would I want to waste my money...oh and I need a sick note for half a lousy day tomorrow. Fun fun fun trying to get an appointment at my doctors...WHINGE MOAN WHINE gawd I'm sick of hearing myself, are there any readers left? Have I driven you all to boredom with my whining? Cease and desist!

One Tree Hill was an utter cheese-fest today. I almost groaned out loud at how truly awful it was. Frankly if it hadn't been for the fabulous moves they were throwing to the Spice Girls all hope might have been lost. And someone in a leather mini skirt claiming to be some "clean teen" or some such nonsense - ooooh-kay then. Sheesh. Where's the shooting? Oh Dan did try to hang himself in the jail cell with his bed sheet but he's kind of a hefty tv star type blokey so pretty much hit the deck as soon as he'd strung himself up. Maybe it was when Karen spit all over his window, it might have tipped him over the edge...who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I finished my book yesterday afternoon. Turns out the narrator was dead all along too! That's some funny kind of afterlife idea. I've moved on now to reading all about Anthony Kiedis's life; nothing like a bit of rock'n'roll and drugs and debauchery to get you back on a track after a poncy up one's own ass book.

The sun is shining. It's so nice outside. I had to do some washing earlier after throwing a cup of hot tea all over myself and my sofa outfit for the day, and it's actually hanging outside in the sunshine and blowing in the breeze.

Anyhoo, that's all for today. Look out for tomorrow's exciting installment from the extremely dented sofa...

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