Thursday, 16 April 2009

Taking action/comedy spam

I should really have done two posts for this as they're totally unrelated, but hey, blogland has no rules, I say mix 'em up!

Part one: Taking action
Despite what yesterday's post might have read like, I'm not really one of life's natural moaners. I can generally give it a go for a while before I get fed up of myself and have to take action. That post was my moan for yesterday. Today was the action part. I've just submitted a form to enrol on a 4 week taster course called Introduction to Painting. It's free! And it takes place at this very university, convenient! I kind of eek-ed my way through the form and my heart did that pitter-patter excited thing. How cool! I haven't had any formal art teaching since I was at school way back when, will be very exciting to do some more; especially as an adult when you can appreciate these things so much more then when you're actually at school and are bored of everything and everyone. So there you go. Yay!

Part two: Comedy Spam
This week alone I have found out a very interesting thing from my spam mail. Not only had I placed several orders for Viagra that I wasn't aware of, but they were being dispatched from itunes and Amazon. Who knew? I wonder if it's only 79p from itunes...and do you reckon you can buy it used and new from the Marketplace...eeeeew!

Over and out.

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