Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New House

I promised some photos of my new house. At the moment the builders are busy stripping out all the bits I didn't like, such as the kitchen floor and a chimney. Here's how the kitchen used to look:

and here's how it looks now:


Anonymous said...

thats the craziest before and after pictures i've ever seen!!!!

foxyrowland said...

Worst ever episode of "Changing Rooms"!! Even worse than when that wailing banshee that is Linda Barker destroyed a contestant's lifes work of a collection of novelty teapots - each one was slightly more quirky than the last! K xx

dizz said...

It gets more scary than that dear readers! I don't know if Fizz plans on blogging the giant hole in the yard...that matches the giant hole in the be SCARY! Who knew all that stuff existed under a house (she comments rather ignorantly of building stuff)