Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Any place but here

There's something odd happens in my libraryland each time the little student peeps disappear for holidays: dissatisfaction with my lot. I really can't explain why. The rest of the year I'm all happy as larry (whoever he might be), going about my daily business, accepting the monotony of the job, basically just getting on with it. They've only been gone a week and already T and I are tearing our hair out with frustration. We spent a good 15 minutes on the 3rd floor today bitching and whining about how it's so unfair we're here when really we want to be elsewhere doing something else.

I can't (and wouldn't dream of it either!) speak for T but I know what my problem is. I just don't see my future being in libraryland. I don't know what it is that I do want to do when I grow up but I know it ain't this. I've been here before, went to see a careers advisor and everything, and he told me I should go and get a job elsewhere. Which would of course be the obvious solution. Except that the economy is a bit up shit creek without a paddle and there are zero jobs available. We have proven it this very day as we found out that for 1 Information Assistant post in our libraryland there are 125 candidates!!! Eeek, imagine the shortlisting fun with that one!

Right now, what I would really like to do, is a 1 year foundation course in art. Where you get to try everything, make mess, lie on the floor and paint your boobs and do a print...just letting your imagination run riot and see where it takes you. But sadly this would mean leaving work and paying fees which you can't really do without a for the tricky umbrella methinks.

So what is the answer I hear you ask. Um....any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Option 1: Sell your house ( and wavey's) and travel world on the profits, live like hippys, and when you get back live in a campervan and do your art course!

Option 2: Give up all material posesions and live off the land like in the good life!!!!

Option 3: Stay where you are, with the hope to earn more money one day, in the meantime having fun taking the piss out of the colleagues we don't like!!!