Thursday, 30 April 2009

Escape! Escape!

I got to leave the sofa today. And the 4 walls of my living go to the doctors. Yep I've now been off for over the week that we can self-cert for so had to go and get a sick note from the doc. Not my favourite thing to do. But it's the work rules. I bravely put my shoes on and headed out the door. Slowly. And breathed in the delights of my street. Ah the fresh air!! I plodded my way to the docs which is literally over the road so it wasn't too hazardous a journey to be taking on my own.

Once I got there I was overwhelmed by all the people in the waiting room. It's amazing how you can forget what people are like when you have 4 walls to look at and the odd visitor from your peeps. I sat down and was quietly concentrating on not spinning off my seat when the receptionist yelled my name out. Turning your head sharply whilst dizz is not to be recommended. But of course I did cos why would she be shouting me? What terrible fate awaits me? I struggle my way over there cos am now super dizzy due to turning my head so quickly. Oh the doctor is taping your session and needs your permission. Befuddled as I was I figured that would be okay. I wasn't going to be showing any dizz-private bits, I could handle being taped. I might have done something with my hair (other than the sofa-squish which is its current state) if I'd have known...

Went in to this new doc. And I swear he would have signed me off forever if I'd asked him to. He got his pad out without seconds of me telling him what I needed and had it signed and me whisked out the door again in seconds. Didn't he know it was my escape? Couldn't he make it last longer? Drag it out a bit, do the oh well I'm not sure we should be handing out sick notes so willy-nilly and maybe you should have dragged yo dizzy arse into work. But no. He was done with me.

So I was out! Escape was mine! For 10 whole beautiful minutes. Wow. Being back in the living room again doesn't seem so bad now that I've been out. But I tell you what. I can't wait to get over this dizz nonsense and get my life back again. It certainly means you don't take it for granted. How do people do that? When they don't work and stay in all day, every day? I would go absolutely insane! For all the moaning about work I do, I tell you now, I would give anything to be there now! Even if it was just to be moaning about the madness of it all...

...and yep, I'll enjoy eating those very words once I'm back there. Over and out.

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