Monday, 27 April 2009

Spin that Sky (blatantly stolen lyric from Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

The news from Dizz is that I'm off sick. Yet again. With dizzies. Seriously just when I was beginning to think that the effin things might have gone forever they attacked me good and proper. Started about 2 weeks ago. Baaaaad. I did my usual of ignoring them completely and refusing to give in to them in any way, shape or form or I might have to grrrrrrr OUT LOUD....(ahem) but on Thursday I woke up at half 5 (that would be in the a.m) and felt like I was lurching from one side of the bed to the other. Safe to say that I wasn't going to make it into work that day. And I haven't since then. And now I'm going out of my mind with boredom. How do people do this all the time?

The Dizz parentals did a grand job of raising me and my sis with a very strong work ethic. The rule when we were at school was that we had to be almost dead before we were allowed any time off. My sis used to throw talcum powder on her face to try to get out of final assembly day but we all knew it was a trick, still it sometimes worked (my poor ma). Getting back to the point, I'm not a natural born skiver. Whilst sitting and spinning (obviously not literally you have to understand) from the sofa I can't help wondering who has done the newspapers at work this morning cos I'm the only one who knows the Monday ritual of taking off the past week, replacing them with the current week, switching the boxes...and there's only me to check in the journals...and I'm so BORED! RAHHHHHHHHHH!

Oooohhh-kay, that feels slightly better. Despite all my resistance I decided (after both Fizz and Wavey gave me a mini lecture) that it was time to resort to the drugs. They take a couple of days but they do start to calm the spinning world down and then I can get back to work. But I'm not a natural born drug taker either so really it's a minor miracle at all that I a) actually listened to Fizz and Wavey and my pa and b) did as I was told (this almost never happens, trust me, ask anyone, they'll tell you).

Since Thursday I've watched all of Skins series 1 and 2 and am on the extras on the dvd of series 2. I've also watched This is England (brilliant film but brutal) and Kidulthood (also brilliant film and also kind of brutal...theme anyone?) and I've finished one book, read another and started on a third. Do you see what I mean? Even off sick I have to be doing something, edu-ma-cating myself type thing. I'm a do-er. How it's always been.

Today I washed my hair. And I didn't fall over. Which is a bonus. It's amazing how washing your hair can make you feel so much more human. What's up with that? Someone can psychoanalyse me and suggest that it's me trying to cleanse the dizzies out of my head...funnily enough someone once told me that the best thing for dizzies is to tip your head upside down. Not as barmy as it sounds. Apparently it's mini crystals in your ear canals that cause the dizzies and by tipping your head upside down and gently shaking it you can settle the crystals back to their rightful place. So there you go.

I think I should stop now. The boredom is causing rambling. Save me readers...


Anonymous said...

to get ready for you art class i think you should draw an abstract arty thing about how you feel when the dizzies attack, like those dead art dudes did - only drawing the voices in their head kind of thing!!! rx

ps get well soonxxxx

fizz said...

Ohh I like R's comment - and you know you promised to create some art for my new walls... If I have any left after the builders are finished in my new house...