Thursday, 10 July 2014

List mania

Always willing to take good advice on board, Wavey and I gave the whole plan your meals thing a go this week. Shock discovery: it works! Genius idea! It was so good to come home and know what we were going to make, and have the products and stuff all ready to get cooking. Big thanks for the advice y'all. We are embracing our inner geek and planning ahead, sheesh, you would think two people who worked on projects lived in this house or something...

In other list news, there is a whole lot of Summer listing going on out there on the big world interweb thing. So many of my blogs that I read have shared their Summer list. This is complete novelty to me. A list for a whole season? That is beyond geekery and into the realms of some kind of superhero organisation. I wonder how many people actually stick to their seasonal lists? 

Even though I am a big list maker, and fully embrace the idea of ticking off goals and the like, I don't think I have ever made anything bigger than a weekly list, and that was to get through massive projects and deadlines. I'm not even sure what I would put on a seasonal list! In the Summer my main aim is to spend as much time outside as possible, and if that involves eating ice cream then that is fine with me. 

If I was to make a list, and let's just say we'll go along with it for the sake of this blog post, I would have a Summer list that looked like this: 

1. Sell our house

2. Sell our house

3. Sell our house

4. Sell ... you get the idea

I'm really keen that we sell our house. 

I wish all the Summer list making people good luck with ticking off their goals. Even though I am an organised person, I also like to fly by the seat of my pants and see where life takes me. What happens if something comes up and it's not on the list? Is it like buying pudding, do you go off list to enjoy the rewards when you get home? I am highly intrigued. Do share if you are a seasonal list maker...

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