Monday, 21 July 2014

Black is the new black

'Business dress'. Two words that I am not overly fond of. When they told me in my new job that I would be expected to dress in business dress I think my heart sank a little bit. For two reasons really: the first being that despite not earning any money for the last 16 months I would have to go and buy some business dress, and the second being that me and the bizness black are not the best of friends. Soooo boring. The thing is though, the shops don't make it easy for you to buy any other colour but black. You go to any high street shop (and online even) and the work clothes are usually black, or grey, whoopee-doo. 

This will be my fifth week at work. I think it's time now to unleash the real Dizz. So far I've played it safe. I've gone in most days with my safe black trousers and a top of some description, with some black shoes to accompany the look. Ugh I hate it, I feel like a part of my personality is being repressed! Outside of work I very rarely wear black, I am all about the colour and the patterns and the general brightness of all the fab clothes that are in my wardrobe. 

Over the weekend I managed to find two fab skirts, both coincidentally from charity shops, that will challenge this black nonsense and let me inject some much needed colour (and personality) back into this bizness dress malarkey. The first one is red! With a lovely white trim with navy blue flowers, very 4th July colours. The other one (yet to arrive as bought from an online charity shop, oh the joy) is many many shades of green and turquoise and blue all clashing together in one gloriously zig-zaggy pattern. 

The thing is, summer is a bit tricky for office/bizness wear I think. In the winter it's easy to wear brighter clothes with black tights for some real colour pop, but in summer it's a bit trickier, mainly cos you have to remember to shave your legs...

At least it's not corporate dress. I would be totally lost in that world. This one feels alien enough to me. I am all about the no dress code place of employment. Don't get me wrong, I never (hopefully) looked like a scruffbag in libraryland, but I could definitely get away with some more 'interesting' outfits than I think would be deemed acceptable in my current place of work. Do any of you have to wear bizness dress for work? How do you manage in the summer months? 

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tizz said...

We definitely need photos of work outfits! I'm glad I don't have to think about clothes for work but I am trying to Cary my non work wardrobe slowly