Sunday, 20 July 2014

A boy's life

I went to the movies today you guys! I worked out that the last time I went to the cinema was in very early January to see American Hustle. Fast forward several months and I've probably missed a gazillion films. But this one I did not want to miss at all. We're talking Boyhood, the new Richard Linklater film. 

I have to admit to not really having heard about this at all. For a former film buff who used to consider Empire magazine my bible, I am woefully not at all in the know these days about which films I shouldn't miss. I only know what is out as I get a weekly email from the cinema with all the times. I found out about this film from Cat who reckoned that this was one we really couldn't miss. It even involved a message to our local cinema to see if they planned to show it. Thankfully they said aye and so tickets were booked. 

I really had no expectations which is always a good starting point for me. Right from the start I was engrossed and even though it's quite a long film, I didn't once look at my watch or wonder when it might end. It was truly fascinating. And interesting. And lovingly filmed. And great people. And Patricia Arquette (LOVE her). And and and. So many ands I don't think I can list them all. It was thoughtful and thought provoking and I have to say it's the first film I have seen in a long time that has really left an impression. I've spent most of the day thinking about it and I think that will continue for quite a while. 

I would highly recommend. And I still can't get over how they ever came up with the idea of filming the same boy, year after year. What would they have done if he suddenly decided he didn't want to be involved? So many questions that may never be answered. I feel an internetty search taking place as soon as I publish this so I can find out more. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for any other films I shouldn't miss this summer? 

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