Friday, 25 July 2014

A rather jolly outing

Guess what? Tizz is home! Wooooooooop! Such joy doesn't happen very often (sad face) so when she is home we absolutely make the most of it and do as many fun things as we can squeeze in. Today was just one of those days, as we set off in her 'cool as' (old school phrase) car with the top down and the choooons blasting. Yeah baby! 

In an ideal world, we would be totally cool as cucumbers driving round in the hot car. Actually I'll rephrase that as of course Tizz was totally cool as a cucumber, I of course am completely incapable of being cool:

The first thing one does when one arrives at a British seaside town is to eat chips:

The next thing is to head to the arcade and cram in as many 2 pence and 10 pence arcade games as is humanly possible:

Oh and be dazzled by the beauty that is the sticky carpet:

Then you have to go to several other arcades, trying to seek out a shooting game. Three arcades later and we're still looking (sad face x 2).

Next up, climb up the vertical pier. Yes you read that right. Who needs a pier that goes out to sea when you can have one that goes into the sky!

Finally, you head to the ultimate ice cream shop:

And enjoy an ice cream so sweet that you're in danger of up is a very rare blog shot of Tizz - shocker!

After watching the birds fight over the leftover chips, you head off to look for one more arcade, just in case they have the shoot'em up game. Gaze in shock that it has been turned into a nightclub. Turn around and head for home. In the topless car again of course. 

Awesome times!

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