Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Be sneaky like Dizz

We really like pudding. And goodies in general, but eating too much of them can potentially turn you into a porky pig. In a dull and boring world we would bypass pudding and eat healthy yoghurt or fruit every night but blummin' heck life would be oh so lacking in fun and tasty things. 

Ever resourceful, I scour recipe books and all over the web to find ways of making yummy alternatives that taste like pudding but are actually full of goodness and healthy stuff. Sometimes I don't tell Wavey what I put inside the puddings as I know he's none too fond of an ingredient. Take this pudding for example. It looks like chocolate pudding. It even tasted like chocolate pudding. But it was actually made with an avocado. And some cocoa powder obviously, as well as some honey and milk, but none of those things are bad for you in small portions; moderation is the key. 

Being the meanie that I am, I watched him take the first bite, and then the second, secure in the knowledge that he was loving the taste before revealing the secret ingredient. Even though Wavey despises avocados (texture issues), he loves chocolate. Loves it. Ha! Obviously this pudding was convincing enough for the man with the sweetest tooth. Success! Sneaky Dizz sneaks in some greenery and we all win win win. Yip yip! 

Now I just have to figure out how to sneak in some hummus somewhere as I absolutely love it and could eat it every day but Wavey seriously hates it. Again with the texture. Mind you he doesn't like cold pizza either and that's the same texture no matter what the temperature. He's a weirdo. Or maybe I'm the weirdo...? Whatever. It works for us.  

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