Monday, 28 April 2014

The natural world #1 : the green tea bath

There are two things about me that you maybe didn't know:
  1. I love a good browse on Pinterest
  2. I love experimenting with stuff
With that in mind it was inevitable that at some point I would come across a pin or seven that would have me at hello. My favourite section to browse is the health and beauty, there is seemingly no end of people who must spend their whole lives trawling the internet for weird and wonderful stuff that I just have to try. I have a whole folder that I call 'Going Natural' and it's basically full of pins that are just that - a natural alternative to nasty hidden chemicals and with the added benefit of being free and usually available in my stock cupboard. You already know from my various hair experiments that I'm willing to give anything a go once, just to see what happens. And you know that I'm heading into the last month of my final project and so I need distractions that are interesting and border on a bit weird to keep me entertained. So here is the first in my little mini-series of dipping my toe into the natural world: the green tea bath. 

How? Run your bath in the usual way but add 5-10 green teabags to create the green tea bath. I opted for 6, I was a bit nervous of 10. Oh and I didn't have pure green tea so my bath was green tea with apple and pear (perhaps to be included in my 5-a-day?)

Benefits: The opinion on this is quite varied but most seem to share the notion that it will soften skin, heal wounds because of the anti-oxidant properties, and soothe the soul...

First impressions: I clearly hadn't thought it through so was a bit taken aback when I went back to check the bath to discover that it looked like either someone had peed in the bath or like after workmen have been to do stuff with the water and it's that weird tinged shade of not quite sure I want to put my foot in there much less my body. I valiantly soldiered on in the name of science and for the sake of this new blog series.

Opinions: Still undecided. My skin didn't feel any different and it didn't really look different either. I did feel a slight tightening on the skin of my calves but that area is always dry and patchy. My soul did feel quite soothed but I whiled away my time in the green tea/wee/dodgy coloured water bath reading a couple of chapters of my book which will always be a soul soother for me. Overall I can't say it was much of a game changer for me. Maybe I'll just stick to drinking the green tea instead of sitting in it.    

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