Monday, 14 April 2014

Keep on moving

After months of planning, prepping, painting, primping, and preening today was finally the day. Today is the day our house has gone up for sale. Eeeeh, I can hardly believe it. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time and when I think about it, like seriously, I get little butterflies in my tummy. 

This house selling business is some strange malarkey these days. Property programmes throw a lot of buzz words around like neutralise, de-personalise, there's a whole lot of ise-ing going on. Over the past week or so we've done just that though, saying farewell to things (call it 'stuff') that make this house unique to us, and boxing them away. Packed away is the dalek that Fizz knitted for us and acts as a guiding beacon so that people visiting know it's our house, packed away is Roger the Tiger who lived on the staircase with his paw waiting out for a high five every time you pop upstairs, reduced dramatically are the cookbooks that I love so much, aprons packed away, colourful cushions replaced with more neutral's an odd sensation. I think maybe it's part of the process - make the house look like nothing like you choose to live in so that it's easier to let someone else have it. 

Walking round this morning it was very strange. Empty kind of. I know a lot of people live like this all the time, without 'stuff' and very neat and tidy but it's definitely not a true reflection of us! I took a couple of photos of upstairs so you can see a room in all its magnificent tidy glory (luckily I am not the photographer as the light is pretty rubbish):

On a side note, how cool is this vase? Cat helped me pick it out on Saturday, and I love it:

Thankfully the estate agent didn't open any cupboards so he didn't see the ironing pile tumble out as I opened one wardrobe door, and the still soggy towels from morning showers in the other. Turns out we're pretty good at hiding things. 

And now we just have to wait. And be hopeful that people will like our house and want to buy it. Then we have to find somewhere new to live, but that's a whole other blog post. Stay tuned...


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