Friday, 4 April 2014

Be thrifty with Dizz

There is nothing I like more than a bargain. I'm that person who when you say you like something, I'm always eager to tell you that it only cost 20p (possibly a slight exaggeration...), I really should just learn to say thank you. 

Due to my bargain loving nature I am here to share with you an exceptionally good deal, from one of my favourite shops: Dorothy Perkins. Ah Dotty P. She makes really nice clothes, that are very good quality, they always wash well and stay in shape (things my Ma says, should be a whole post in itself), and most importantly, they fit really well. I never come out of there feeling like I have to go home and just eat lettuce after getting my head stuck in a top and fearing I might dislocate my shoulder. That ever happened to you too? No? Just me then. 

So Dotty P. She of the lovely clothes. She is also offering what seems to me to be several permanent money saving deals for your Spring wardrobe which you can find here and should you happen to spend over £50, which is very easily done, if you use the code DPDEL50 you get free delivery! You can also collect from store for free, if you have one nearby. 

I accidentally might have put 4 things into my basket. But with that kind of saving it's just too good to be Just me then. 

Edit: As it turns out not permanent savings at all. In fact they end at Midnight tonight. So you best be quick if you want to be thrifty!  

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