Tuesday, 1 April 2014

#1800 Minutes

If I've got my maths right (which trust me will always be questionable) 1800 minutes equals 30 hours. 30 hours between now and the end of May doesn't seem all that much. Until I remember that it's all about exercise. 

I was reading one of my blogs the other day which was all about this 1800 Minute challenge and before I knew where I was I'd clicked a link and signed up! I still don't know what happened there. Actually that's not entirely true, I believe I was thinking, oh this will be motivational, let's sign up. The thing is, I find it really hard to get excited about exercise. I'm sure I've blogged many times about this but I just don't get it. I have friends who love it. LOVE IT. They practically drool when it's gym time they're so excited. But me? Not so much. I've joined so many gyms in the past, paid hundreds of pounds for months on end and barely swiped my card twice. I long ago vowed to never join another gym.

These days I exercise at home. One advantage of not being at work. Plus it's either free - there are tonnes of free workouts online, who knew?! - or pretty cheap if you buy a DVD as it's a one-time buy. My two most recent purchases have included a Barre workout DVD and some handweights, and this was before I signed up for this challenge! I don't know about you but I'm quite impressed with that commitment. 

Which of course brings me neatly round to the purpose of this blog post. The #1800 Minute challenge. I hereby pledge to try to do at least 1800 minutes of exercise between today and the last day in May. It's for me, it's for fitness, it's for health...ok it's for a prize draw. If you want to join in you can still sign up here and join me in my journey...BARF! I shall post on here along the way. It won't be glamorous, but it might raise some chuckles. Whose with me?   

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