Sunday, 2 March 2014

The F in February

Despite crossing everything and hoping for the best, February didn't turn out to be so much fun after all. Wavey's dad sadly passed away on Valentine's night. As before, even though it was expected, it really doesn't make it any easier at all. Knowing it's going to happen doesn't mean you can plan anything, or predict how you will react when the news arrives. What it really means is that it's hanging over your head, always, and so to be honest we kind of huddled ourselves away and played a waiting game. Everytime the phone rang my heart would leap into my mouth. With each visit, always the same unspoken question upon returning home ... ? ... and it really didn't seem right to even think about having fun, much less organise something fun. Another month of 2014 just passed us by. 

The funeral was on Friday, the very last day in the month. When we woke up on Saturday morning the sun was shining and the sky was bright bright blue. It almost felt like it was a fresh start. For the first time in months we didn't have death hanging over our heads and we tentatively talked about starting our year for real. A couple of months behind everyone else but what's a couple of months between friends.

There are all kinds of words you could fit with March but we mainly have two wishes, or hopes, a combination of both I think. First of all we hope that no-one else that we love dies. Secondly we hope that we don't have to go to a funeral. I'm crossing everything and hoping for the best... 

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